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At Forefront Insights, our Insights and Solutions services are designed to provide you with the strategic advantage you need to navigate complex landscapes and achieve your goals.

From advocacy and campaigns to strategic communications and influencing, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to elevate your brand, amplify your voice, and drive impactful change.

Explore our offerings below to discover how Forefront Insights can empower you to lead the way in your industry.

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Influential Change

Campaign Management

With a history of success of managing multiple winning campaigns at different levels of politics, and across industries, we’ve built and led campaigns with proven tactics and strategies, as well as data-driven, polling-based insights that drive engagement and achieve success.

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Digital Advocacy Campaigns

With various social advocacy and awareness campaigns under our belt, we’ll help you create waves of change through compelling digital campaigns that spark meaningful conversations, inspire action, and drive social and political transformation.

Mobilization and Influence Campaigns

Whether it’s mobilizing grassroots community members or corporate stakeholders, we’ll help you harness collective power to enact transformative policy change. We’ll work with you to strategize and execute mobilization campaigns that recruit passionate supporters, and foster strategic alliances to create an impact on social and political landscapes.

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Effective Messaging and Strategic Engagement

Speechwriting and Persuasive Communication

Leveraging our expertise in crafting speeches for political leaders, including candidates, councilors, MPs, and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we excel at delivering impactful narratives. Our team is dedicated to writings that captivate audiences while leaving an influential mark.

Crisis Communications

Working with various organizations and political figures, we know that a good reputation is difficult to establish and even harder to keep. In a crisis, guard your reputation with our expert crisis management, swiftly responding with strategic communication to maintain trust and integrity during challenging times.

Strategic Communications Planning

Getting your message out to your target audience entails planning – and lots of it. We’re experts in creating tailored communication strategies that fit your brand. We’ll make sure your messages hit the mark, align perfectly with your objectives, and make a real impact on your audience.

Creative Design and Message Development

We get it, governments and corporations aren’t always the most exciting environments, and creative outlets and far and few in between. But with our creative design and message development, we’re here to add some spark to your brand, with branding that suits your style. We’ll work with you to ensure consistent and creative communications products are produced throughout your entire project.

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Public Perception and Media Presence

Media Relations Services

With experience serving as a Spokesperson for a national political party, reporting with international media outlets, and having built relationships that span different media outlets across Canada, we’ll help you amplify your message, securing valuable coverage, and ensure that your valuable relationships with media outlets flourish.

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Strategic Media Engagement

Master media engagement with products that shape narratives and increase visibility. From news release and wire services, backgrounders and readouts, we have you covered with a wide variety of products that will garner the media attention that you need.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Stay ahead of public perception with our real-time media analysis, enabling informed responses and strategic adjustments for maximum impact. We have the tools and resources at our disposal to make sure you’re up-to-date in real time.

Media Training

With experience helping politicians and organizations confidently navigate media interactions, with our specialized training, we’ll ensure your message is effectively delivered – without the slip ups that everyone dreads.

Putting you at the forefront of

Impactful Influence

Personal Branding and Creative Design

Personal brands are essential to building credibility and a captive audience. We know what it takes to cultivate a powerful personal brand, and establish a distinctive and memorable identity that resonates with your target audience.

Analyzing and Shaping Public Perceptions

Understand and influence public perceptions through our comprehensive analysis, helping you strategically shape how you’re perceived in order to achieve your goals.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Don’t lose out on potential clients or supporters by targeting to the wrong audience. Chart a clear path to success with our expertly crafted marketing plans, tailored to your unique objectives and designed to maximize your reach and impact. With years of experience in everything from mass-marketing to micro-targeting, we’ll help create a plan that fits your needs.

Content Creation and Social Media

We know that social media takes up a lot of time for businesses and brands – we got you! We’ll help you engage and captivate your audience across social media platforms with our dynamic content creation, and tools that will harness the power of storytelling and visuals to drive meaningful connections and results.